This little Town Blues!

«New York… New York» is one of the most popular and cult songs about a Big Apple!
But not everybody knows the creation story of it.
«Theme from New York, New York» is the theme song from the Martin Scorsese’s film New York, New York — 1977.  It was written especially for a film and first performed by Liza Minnelli.

In 1978 the song was re-arrangement and sung again by Frank Sinatra. From that day until now is inextricably linked with a name of this incredible singer. Composition didn`t become a hit until it was picked up in concert by Frank Sinatra during his performances at Radio City Music Hall in October 1978.

The song «was born in anger» according to an interview of the composer. Authors were invited by Martin Scorsese for a creation of five compositions for the new movie including the main theme.
A first version was presented to a producer and an actor — Liza Minnelli and Rober DeNiro.

The last expressed an opinion that song must be deeper, more powerful and it should be changed. Composer and poet were outraged after an audition but very soon it was re-whrited. Actually, we should say that «Theme from New York, New York» played by Liza has not been successful but she just kept doing sing it on for performances for a very long year.
In 1970 Frank used this song only slightly having changed some words. Despite Sinatra’s version becoming more familiar that original. It`s known until present days and became one of best hits about New York.


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