Stories from life of the Brooklyn bridge: Elephants on a bridge

The bridge cost almost fifteen million dollars to the city authorities and took twenty-seven lives during the construction.
In addition to the bends, a lot of workers were crushed by the falling equipment. One of the builders was killed by the came off the cable.
In three days after the grand opening, the tragedy happened again. Certainly, a Brooklyn bridge was a wonder of the world and modern technology but it was located over the deep river and many people, horses and buggies were moved about it. People was terrified.
That`s why when one of the pedestrians was stumbled someone had yelled: «The bridge is falling apart !»
The chaos which followed the incident took away twelve lives and thirty-five people got injuries.
In a hope to appease townpeople city authorities were invited to a head of the circus «Barnum and Bailey»Phineas Taylor Barnum who had under his roof an elephant named Jambo under his roof.

Barnum stated that Jambo is the biggest animal in the world! His weight is more than five tonnes and the Mayor of New York City wants to cross the Brooklyn Bridge with him!
Phineas Barnum was glad to get this opportunity and free advertising!
On May 1884 he led a big processing from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
Twenty-one elephants, seventeen camels and Jambo took a part in the parade!
Ten thousand people came to see Jambo and became a witness of one of the most fantastic shows in the history of New York.

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