Film based on a true story of catching bad guys transported drugs from France to USA during winter of 1961 by NYC policeman. In the beginning of 1962 Manhattan police unit was able to intercept a fifty pounds drugs load value of $32 million in Harlem. This investigation formed the basis of William Friedkin`s iconic movie – «The French Connection».

Friedkin created intense, full of stress and lot of realistic details film which combined the traits of the crime drama and thriller. Intriguing story fitted in atmosphere of dirty dangerous New York streets in earlier 60`s.

The French Connection - 1971

Frida Khalo, Hampshire House and the suicide of the young actress Dorothy Hale — details of tragic mosaic connected an art world and the legendary architectural wonder of NYC.
Hampshire house one of the famous 37-storey building on Manhattan covered with the copper roof and bohemian public under it.
The construction was started in 1937 in the culmination of Great crisis and after the six months, it was frozen almost for seven years.
The landmark of Manhattan went down in history thanks to sad suicide story. It happened in far 1938.