If you strike the King you better kill him or he’ll move on you and take your ass out.

The shocking life story of the Harlem gangster Nicky Barnes was shared by the drug-lord, his wife and entourage with the wide audience in 2007. MR. UNTOUCHABLE takes its viewers deep inside the heroin industry of the 1970s, to a trip down the dirty old New York streets. Being full of documentary chronicles, this movie saved an incredible atmosphere of this dangerous neighbourhood and sketches of daily life in the old Harlem

mr untouchable

The tale about the rich and complex history of Bronx could be endless.

In the second part of our photo journey into the Bronx life, we review the most difficult period in the life of this borough — the late 20th century and the days and nights of the urban blight.

The focus of this show is the South Bronx, that once was the tranquil farmlands of the Morris family and the location of the first commuter towns, situated along the new railroad.

I used to drink in a bar in the village called Lion’s Head. It was full of newspaper people. The Village Voice was around the corner, and a lot of guys from the papers would come and drink. It was a great bar full of great bullshitters. I knew a fireman that drank there occasionally and he had done a book. I thought, “Wow. That could be a really good story, about firemen.” I was so against that frigging war and I thought, what’s the opposite of a soldier going and killing people they don’t know? A fireman saving people they don’t know. I got permission, and finally ended up with a rescue team that covered all of the Bronx and Harlem.