Mr. Untouchable — 2007


If you strike the King you better kill him or he’ll move on you and take your ass out.

The shocking life story of the Harlem gangster Nicky Barnes was shared by the drug-lord, his wife and entourage with the wide audience in 2007. MR. UNTOUCHABLE takes its viewers deep inside the heroin industry of the 1970s, to a trip down the dirty old New York streets. Being full of documentary chronicles, this movie saved an incredible atmosphere of this dangerous neighbourhood and sketches of daily life in the old Harlem

mr untouchable

Unlike the «American Gangster – 2007» by Ridley Scott,  you won’t find any fictional elements or artistic exaggerations in this movie. MR. UNTOUCHABLE – a great example of a documentary movie without a censorship. The script written by Marc Levin was based on stories of witnesses and people working in drug cartel shoulder to shoulder with Barnes during 70`s

“IT MAKES AMERICAN GANGSTER LOOK LIKE A FAIRY TALE. It’s the real deal, nothing Hollywood about it.”- E!

The movie has secured the testimony of Nicky Barnes himself. Barnes has broken the street code and his 23-year silence to tell everything in this epic American dream story. We have also interviewed former members of The Council and others in the Barnes drug Collective. This is an inside look at the heroin business from the Kingpin at the top to the dealer and user on the street.

“An engrossing documentary that pulses with a quicksilver energy unmatched in many genre features. Fascinating, it takes its audience deep inside the heroin industry of the 1970’s.” – Brent Simon, LA City Beat


Director: Marc Levin

Stars:  Leroy ‘Nicky’ Barnes, Don Ferrarone, Thelma Grant


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