Mean Streets — 1973

 Charlie is a nephew of the criminal leader in Little Italy of New York dreaming of his own restaurant. If Charlie wants to do the trick from this day he must get commendation from rich uncle, serve the decencies, be assiduous and stay out of his crazy pal Jonny Boy. Jonny is a daffy guy without any brakes! He is drinking every day, haven`t any job and takes moneylender `s cash without returning. A life story of two friends John and Charlie who are trying to escape from dangerous mafia`s environment inspired Martin Scorsese to create a hard nervous and harsh script about the temper of a «Wild East»


Describing a story about a marginal lifestyle with a pain and sometimes with a loathing Martin Scorsese still staying a big poet of New York. The same mood he will keep in his next aggressive films — «Taxi Driver»(1976), «Raging Bull» (1980) and more jocular — «New York, New York» (1976) and «After Hours» (1985)


Scorsese movies are a real treasure! They captured an incredible atmosphere of New York`s streets just like it actually was in early 70`s. There was no fake and movie stuff on a shot.
Everything that audience can see was really exist and froze on a picture for long years to make happy fans of this fantastic city!
Director: Martin Scorsese
Writers:  Martin Scorsese
Stars:      Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, David Proval

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