Frida Khalo, Hampshire House and the suicide of the young actress

Frida Khalo, Hampshire House and the suicide of the young actress Dorothy Hale — details of tragic mosaic connected an art world and the legendary architectural wonder of NYC.
Hampshire house one of the famous 37-storey building on Manhattan covered with the copper roof and bohemian public under it.
The construction was started in 1937 in the culmination of Great crisis and after the six months, it was frozen almost for seven years.
The landmark of Manhattan went down in history thanks to sad suicide story. It happened in far 1938.

Thirty-three-year-old actress Dorothy Hale was thrown herself out of the sixteenth-floor window. The life of a socialite was filled with unlucky attempts to conquer the NYC artistic world and dashed hopes to start a family.
Ann Clare Brokaw the wife of an American magazine magnate Henry Luce (founder of the «Life magazine») a month later after Dorothy`s death ordered a portrait of poor thing to an incredible Frida Khalo. The painting should have been presented for Dorothy`s mother in memory of her daughter.
Frida, who was looking at life through the melodramatic prism, described the story of Hale
too literally and tragically. In her painting, she drew the falling of a girl, crippled body on a street and the spots of a red blood.
The customer was in such a shock that decided to hide the painting away from eyes of the public for long years. It`s destiny was unknown until 1960 when it was sold to a museum of Phoenix (Arizona).

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