Broken Promises: Bronx

The tale about the rich and complex history of Bronx could be endless.

In the second part of our photo journey into the Bronx life, we review the most difficult period in the life of this borough — the late 20th century and the days and nights of the urban blight.

The focus of this show is the South Bronx, that once was the tranquil farmlands of the Morris family and the location of the first commuter towns, situated along the new railroad.

However, a great number of socio-economic forces and physical changes were conspiring to make life in this area very challenging by the 1950s.

Construction projects like the Cross Bronx Expressway and the shifts in living arrangements (from new public housing to the promise of Co-Op City) had isolated those who still lived in the old tenements of the South Bronx.

Poverty and high crime made the neighbourhood so undesirable that buildings were abandoned and even burned.

A huge attention from the television broadcasts to the visits by the President of the USA didn’t seem to change the situation here.

This is the period that was so far from the construction of a cheap social habitation named «projects» and from the reconstruction of the biggest treasure of Bronx children – Yankee Stadium.

An era of a negative reputation and the times when a quality of life had dropped. The times full of daily shooting and Marijuana smoke smell that passed in LSD trips.

These times were so far from the local neighbourhood activists, wide-ranging city and state development programs. Times of the dirty dangerous streets and poor people.


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